Curriculum vitae

A short Curriculum vitae

Born in 1963 in the small town of Gerolstein (district of Daun, northern Rhineland-Palatinat, Western Germany) I grew up in the Northern Eifel upland region, some 70 km south to Cologne near Blankenheim (district of Euskirchen, Northrhine-Westphalia, Western Germany). After school and 15 month of military service in the “Bundeswehr” I joined the Universities of Cologne and Tübingen (Bade-Wurttemberg, Southern Germany) to study Pre- and Protohistory, Geology and Geography.

Since 1996 I’m married to Sabine Gayck which I met at Cologne University during our both studies – not uncommon to Archaeologists.

At Cologne University I was trained by Prof. Gerhard Bosinski mainly and Prof. Wolfgang Taute, and during my stay at Tübingen University I did profit a lot from Prof. Joachim Hahn and Prof. Hansjürgen Müller-Beck.

During my studies I took part in several excavations in whole Germany including two campaigns in the former GDR, at Bilzingsleben (1986) and Friesack (1989).

During winter term 1989/90 I completed my studies with my Master exams at Cologne University. My thesis (attendant Prof. Bosinski) was dealing with

Final Palaeolithic finds at the Kartstein travertine site, Northern Eifel uplands

In 1990 I started a contract with the “Archäologische Denkmalpflege” at Coblence (Rheineland-Palatinat) but worked at the nearby Institute of Palaeolithic Research of the Roman-Germanic Central Museum of Mainz (RGZM Mainz) at Neuwied-Monrepos, headed by Prof. Bosinski.

From december 1990 to november 1992 I received the first ever grant of the new “Prinz-Maximilian-zu-Wied” foundation (Neuwied) to complete my PhD at the same institution.

The title of my PhD (again Prof. Bosinski as the attendant) was

„head’em-off-at-the-pass“ – Ecology and economy of the Ahrensburgian reindeer hunters in the uplands

I passed my PhD exams to become a Dr. re. nat. in december 1992 by the faculty of mathematic and natural sciences of the University of Cologne.

During the next some ten years I was able to work as a scientific researcher at the Institute of Palaeolithic Research, Neuwied-Monrepos, from

– january 1993 to august 1994 by receiving a grant by the RGZM Mainz

– 1.9.1994 to 31.8.2000 as a scientific member of the interscientific DFG Priority Programme “change of the geo-biosphere during the last 15 000 years”

– 1.10.2000 to 30.6.2001 and again from 1.10.2001 to 31.5.2002 as a scientific researcher of the RGZM Mainz

During this period I conducted intense research on the Final Palaeolithic ecology and archaeology of the Central Rhineland which in august 2000 resulted in my habilitation thesis presented to the „Fachbereich 08 ‘Philosophie und Geschichtswissenschaften’” of the Johann-Wolfgang-von-Goethe University at Frankfurt/Main. Its titel was

Ecology and Archaeology of the Allerød at the Neuwied Basin – A settlement archaeology of the Central Rhineland Final Palaeolithic Federmesser groups some 13 000 years ago

Supported by Prof. Jens Lüning and Prof. Peter Breunig I received my venia legendi in Pre- and Protohistory by giving an exam lecture on the 4th of july 2001. End of october 2001 I received the academic designaction “Privatdozent” (lecturer) followed by an public lecture at the University of Frankfurt/Main. 

From july to september 2001 I was working for three months at the Archäologische Denkmalpflege in Coblence (Dr. H.-H. Wegner).

In 2002 I became part of the editorial board for Palaeolithic und Mesolithic of the “Archäologisches Korrespondenzblatt” (Mainz) together with Nicholas J. Conard.

In june 2002 I began to work for the Archäologische Denkmalpflege in Westphalia (LWL-Archäologie für Westfalen) as the head of its department at Olpe (some 70 km east of Cologne, Northrhine-Westphalia) responsible to the Archaeological heritage of southern Westphalia.

Following this I was agreed to change my venia legendi to the Ruhr-Universty at Bochum by the 30rd of april 2005.

From the 17th of march onwards I owned the degree of a Professor of this University.


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